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A creator who can’t be ignored, Yves Desrosiers has been contributing to the effervescence of the Quebec music scene for the past thirty years, notably as a singer, guitarist, composer, arranger and director. A member of Jean Leloup's La Salle Affaire (1989-93), he collaborated in the composition of several songs for the flagship album “L'Amour est sans pitié”, and has contributed to the albums and tours of many artists, including Bïa, Daniel Bélanger, Gogh Van Go, Sarah McLaughlin, Mononc' Serge and Mara Tremblay.

In 1993, he discovered a young American-Mexican singer with a unique voice who was passing through Montreal... Lhasa de Sela. Together, they build a show, and gradually integrate their compositions, a unique blend of world flavors. Released in 1997, their mythical album “La Llorona” sold half a million copies, received numerous awards and propelled the duo on tour throughout Europe and America for two years. Between tours, Desrosiers worked on the soundtrack for the film Le Cœur au poing by Charles Binamé (Cité-Amérique) and the music for three documentaries.

In 1999, the Volodia adventure began, a first solo project devoted to the work of the Russian poet and singer Vladimir Vissotsky. After three years of research and adaptations, the album was launched in August 2002, garnering praise and an ADISQ nomination. Yves Desrosiers reveals a voice that flows from the great songs and transcends Vissotsky's work with his very personal arrangements, the Desrosiers "sound" that is recognizable in the multitude.

Also an inventor of instruments, an accomplished technologist and appreciated for his distinctive approach, he has produced over the years albums such as "Terre Originel" by Sylvie Paquette, "S'armer de patience" by Ivy, "Sans Abri" by Moran, "Hungry Ghosts" by Fredric Gary Comeau, "Balagane" by Jeszcze Raz, "Kanasuta" by Richard Desjardins, and "Adélaïde" by the Acadian artist Pascal Lejeune.

Desrosiers also draws us into the dark and disturbing moods of Robin Aubert's films, "Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnés" (ADISQ nomination for Original Soundtrack Album) and "À l'origine d'un cri". He also wrote the music for the film "Another Silence" (2011), directed by French-Argentinean director Santiago Amigorena. 

Yves Desrosiers' second solo album, "Chansons indociles", was released in 2007. It is, in fact, his first album of original songs, several of which emanate from this singular artistic encounter with Robin Aubert. The album was nominated for Songwriter of the Year at the 2008 Canadian Folk Music Awards.

In 2010, he shared the stage with Bïa for a duo concert tour. With over fifty performances, the tour was such a success that Audiogram immortalized it on the album "Bïa : concert intime avec Yves Desrosiers", released in January 2011.

In August 2013, he launched his third solo album, "Bordel de tête", which plunges us into the poetic universes of fabulous authors: Robin Aubert, Ivy, Gilbert Langevin, Émile Nelligan and Roger Tabra, without forgetting Vladimir Vissotsky. 

In 2014, the interpreter Chloé Sainte-Marie, asked him to write the music for several poems on the book-record "À la croisée des silences". The following year, he arranged the music and conducted the orchestra of the show tribute to Edith Piaf "Les cent ans de la môme" with over twenty concerts. 

During touring for the show tribute to Edith Piaf, he met the singer-pianist Florence K. who asked him to participate in the arrangements of her show “Buena vida” and as her guitarist on the tour in 2016.

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the mythical album “La Llorona”, co-written with his deceased former musical partner, Lhasa de Sela.  A tribute show is presented by Le Festival Aurore Montréal in Paris, featuring several French and international performers. Yves Desrosiers is asked to conduct the orchestra on stage and write the arrangements. Another performance is scheduled later in late December at the Métropolis in Montreal with new performers. In 2018, Yann Perreau brought Desrosiers back on stage for the show at Francofolies de Montréal ''Hommage à Jacques Higelin'', who died the same year.  

Yves also collaborates again with Chloé Sainte-Marie, this time for the music composition of her upcoming album, to be released in 2022. 


In March 2021, Yves released Nokta ŝoforo, a new album almost entirely instrumental. Desrosiers entrusted Benoit Morier with the production of this album, which brings together a fabulous band of collaborators and guest musicians in a perfect sonic alchemy. You can of course hear Desrosiers' guitars behind the wheel, as well as the rock influences of his youth and his musical travels at the crossroads of styles. Morier's bass, double bass, brass and percussion complete with banjo (Lisa LeBlanc), violin (Francis Covan and Sumira Bothé), cello (Marianne Houle and Emily Kennedy), drums (Victor Tremblay-Desrosiers), accordion (Didier Dumoutier), flugelhorn (Sébastien Michaud) and choir (Geneviève Toupin) this great musical procession on the road!


Awards and mentions

Adelaïde - Pascal Lejeune (production Yves Desrosiers)

Music NB (MNB) Awards 2010 in New-Brunswick, francophone recording of the year 

" Coup de coeur " award from the Charles Cros Academy

Chansons indociles – Yves Desrosiers

Canadian Folk Music Award : nomination songwriter of the year 

Volodia – Yves Desrosiers

ADISQ : Nomination album of the year – Contemporary folk
ADISQ : Award for album cover of the year

La Llorona – LHASA (duo Lhasa de Sela / Yves Desrosiers)

Juno Awards : Global Album of the Year
ADISQ : Award album of the year – Artist and World music (2 years in a row)
ADISQ : Nomination best production 

Kanasuta – Richard Desjardins (production : Yves Desrosiers) 

ADISQ : Award album of the year
Award “Grand Prix du disque de l’Académie Charles-Cros” (Francophonie award) - France

Balagane – Jeszcze Raz (production : Yves Desrosiers)

Juno Awards : Global Album of the Year

Le Cœur au poing (feature film by Charles Binamé)

Jutras : Nomination Best original music score

Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnés (feature film by Robin Aubert)

ADISQ : Nomination Best original music score

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